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Polished Concrete

Reno Strip provides the means to transform new or existing concrete into a stylish, durable and cost effective flooring alternative. With endless design possibilities, superior durability and minimal on-going maintenance, polished concrete is rapidly evolving as the modern flooring preference.

Polished Concrete is the most innovative and cost effective flooring solution in today's market, which explains its popularity. You can transform your new or old concrete floors adding incredible value and beauty to your home. Once a concrete has been polished, it becomes more stain resistant, stronger, easier to maintain and of course, very beautiful to look at!

There is simply no comparison to other floor systems when it comes to the life of a polished concrete floor. If you are looking for a stylish, durable and environmentally responsible flooring choice then polished concrete is the floor you have been searching for.

  • Stylish & Tailored to every need
  • Cost effective & affordable
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Allergy Free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient

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Polished Concrete involves mechanically grinding, treating and polishing new or existing concrete floors and transforming them into beautiful durable surfaces. The combination of specialised diamond tools together with densifying compounds allow concrete surfaces to be hardened and polished to meet each clients individual needs.

Reno strip are fully trained and certified Husqvarna Polished Concrete (HPC) Contractors. HPC polished concrete was developed by Husqvarna to transform concrete floors into very aesthetic but practical surfaces. Click here to learn more.
There are many inferior polished concrete products on the market but by trusting your floor to Reno Strip, a certified HPC contractor, you have the peace of mind of a genuine market leading product delivered by quality workmanship.

The polishing process can be readily customised to meet specific project requirements whether domestic, commercial or industrial.


Building or renovating polished concrete will transform your project. With a competitive life-cycle costing and a wide selection of purpose designed decorative finishes polished concrete floors can be customised to reflect your individual style.


The polishing process increases the hardness and abrasion resistance of concrete floors to the level where they are extremely resistant to wear and tear. These features provide a sensible flooring solution for high traffic areas such as retail outlets, restaurants, showrooms and the like. Polished concrete floors are sure to impress and perform.


Durable, easy clean, no off-dusting and minimal maintenance are all features that make polished concrete an ideal solution for rigorous high traffic industrial areas.


Reno Strip is committed to make certain that your project is completed to your expectations - customising our service to achieve your desired finish. We take pride in providing the best advice and HPC flooring solutions possible to our customers. The design possibilities are endless and Reno Strip has a range HPC options to suit your polished concrete desires and budget.


The premium world leading polished concrete solution.

HPC Hiperseal

Designed for inferior concrete that cannot reach HiPERFLOOR standards. Some floors do not have the consistency to polish to a glass like finish. HPC Hiperseal involves applying thin coats of HiperGuard Acrylic to the floor surface giving it a visually appealing surface with high sealing and durability properties superior to that of a typical coating surface.

HPC Orange

minimum aggregate exposure floor with a high gloss finish. With a very modern appeal the HPC Orange floors look equally impressive in residential floors as well as showroom or warehouse floors. This floor is perfect for high-traffic as it will not mark or scratch and is highly cost effective with low maintenance.

HPC Blue

Full aggregate exposure, creating great aesthetics with a matt finish. HPC Blue is high-end decorative polished concrete. Personalise your concrete mix to achieve a fully customised result.

HPC Grey

Highly durable, low cost polished concrete for high traffic and industrial flooring areas. The HPC Grey process increases the hardness and abrasion resistance of the floor to a level where the concrete is extremely resistant to wear. Highly resistant to dusting and marking, a HPC Grey polished concrete floor has minimal maintenance requirements.

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New Floor

Reno Strip liaises with you and your building contractors during the building process to ensure you get the best from your HPC floor.

Existing Floor

Contact Reno Strip for a free no obligation quote and test sample. Reno Strip assesses each existing floor to determine its suitability for HPC polished concrete.

Honed Concrete

With its low maintenance and high durability, honed concrete has now become the preferred choice for concrete driveways, alfresco areas, pathways and swimming pool surrounds. Honed concrete's stylish looks and smooth finish make it not only beautiful to look at but a pleasure to walk on too.

New or existing concrete can be honed. We use our advanced Husqvarna grinding machinery to remove the top layer of concrete to expose the decorative aggregates within the concrete mix. The concrete is then pressure cleaned before a sealer is applied to protect and enhance the concrete surface.

  • Alfresco Areas
  • Patios
  • Verandas
  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Pool Surrounds

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